Old Olavians Lodge No. 5758



"... be especially careful to maintain in their fullest splendour those truly masonic ornaments ...
... benevolence and charity ..."

These words are included in the ceremony of Initiation given to each new Freemason whose joins our Lodges.

We contribute, more or less equally, to:-
Masonic Charity: to provide assistance when needed to brethren in distress, and to their wives/widows and families;  and
Non-Masonic Charity
to make donations to a range of charities both in the UK and also overseas to benefit society in general

Donations are made at three levels:-
by the United Grand Lodge of England, via its Grand Charity
by administrative regions:  London, Provinces (in England and Wales)  and Districts (overseas)
by individual private lodges: such as ours !

Most of our fund-raising comes from Freemasons themselves contributing to charity through collections at meetings, Festive Boards (formal dinners after the meetings) and various masonic social functions.

English Freemasonry is one of the biggest single regular source of funds to charities and good causes after the various national lotteries.   Please look at our other Charity pages for details and links to various masonic charities.

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