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The Grand Charity
Registered charity no. 281942

2000-2001 Grants : for year ended November 2001


Below is a summary of the amounts given to charity and to relieve distress during the year ended November 2001.   Please note that these figures relate to only the Grand Charity, and that in addition many more sums have been donated at regional level (by London, Provinces and Districts) and by individual lodges.

  Item Sub-Totals Totals
Masonic Grants 000 000 000

Masonic charities

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall for Truro Cathedral 10.0
District Grand Lodge of Sierra Leone & The Gambia 10.0
Masonic Province of Middlesex Charitable Trust 68.7 88.7  
Masonic petitioners
Amounts voted to applicants for charity (less refunds) 1,774.8 1,774.8  

Sub-Total:   Masonic Grants 1,863.5  
  Item Sub-Totals Totals
Non-Masonic Grants 000 000 000
Emergency Grants
Earthquake in El Salvador (grant made via the Red Cross) 15.0
Floods in India (grant made via the Red Cross) 25.0
Meningitis epidemic in Ethiopia (grant made via the Red Cross) 10.0
British Red Cross helpline for the British victims of the New York terror attack 10.0
Grand Lodge of New York for the City of New York Fire and Police Departments 50.0
Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution for the foot and mouth crisis 100.0 210.0  
Following the practice of previous years, grants were made during the year out of current revenue to 193 hospices throughout England and Wales. The grants amounted to:- 479.9 479.9  
Grants to Non-Masonic Charities

Major Grants (of 10,000 or more each)

The Buttle Trust 100.0
Scope 150.4
Multiple Sclerosis (Research) Charitable Trust 59.5
Strode Park Foundation 52.0
National Asthma Campaign 103.9
Generation Trust 50.0
Cystic Fibrosis Trust 50.0
Epilepsy Research Foundation 28.8
Encephalitis Support Group 25.0
Diabetes UK 21.9
National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux 15.0
Sense, The National Deafblind & Rubella Association 35.0
Cancer & Leukaemia in Childhood 30.0
Meningitis Research Foundation 25.0
North West Air Ambulance 25.0
National Hospital Development Foundation 20.0
Sea Cadet Association 20.0
Remedi 16.0
Motor Neurone Disease Association 10.0
Re-Solv 10.0
Workable 19.8

Minor Grants (of less that 10,000 each)

Grants individually under 10,000 were made to 82 charities during the year. The total amounted to: 175.5 1,042.8  
Designated grants
Help the Aged 160.0
CRISIS 135.0
Centrepoint 0.7
Alzheimer's Research Trust 26.5
Shaw Trust 10.0
Research into Ageing 34.5
Refuge 100.0
Implanted Devices Group 30.0
St David's Cathedral 5.0
Disabled Living Foundation 10.0
Micro & Anophthalmic Children's Society -MAGS 10.0
St John Ambulance -Wales 12.5
CRUSE Bereavement Care 13.0
The Dyslexia Institute 15.0
Medical Engineering & Research Unit -MERU 23.0
The Guideposts Trust 50.0
Seven Springs 32.0
Tommy's Campaign 99.7
Abbeyfield 99.1
Homestart 70.0
Imperial Cancer Research 25.0
Society of the Autistically Handicapped 11.2
The Wishbone Trust 45.0
Greater London Scout County 10.0
Contact the Elderly 35.0 1,062.2  

Sub-Total:   Non-Masonic Grants 2,794.9  
Total: Unrestricted & Designated General Funds   4,658.4
  Item Sub-Totals Totals
Relief Chest Scheme 000 000 000
Relief Chest Disbursements
Grants and Masonic assistance given by Lodges, Chapters and other Grand Charity Relief Chest Scheme account holders 3,094.9 3,094.9  

Sub-Total:   Relief Chest Scheme 3,094.9  
Total: Relief Chest Restricted Funds   3,094.9
GRAND TOTAL (in 000)   7,753.3

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