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The Grand Charity
Registered charity no. 281942

  Follow these links on the left to see highlights  of the amounts given to charity during this year and summaries of the amounts given in previous years (as per the annual accounts for years  ended November 2001 and 2002).  
Please note that these figures relate to only the Grand Charity, and that in addition many more sums have been donated at regional level (by London, Provinces and Districts) and by individual lodges.
The Grand Charity is the central grant-giving charity of all Freemasons in the English Constitution.  The three main areas in which the charity provides assistance are:-
Masonic applicants in distressed circumstances
Giving to Non-Masonic charities
Support to other Masonic charities

The Grand Charity receives a share of every English Freemason's annual lodge subscription for each Lodge of which he is a member.   This money is used by Grand Charity to make the centrally administered donations as shown in the accounts pages listed above.

 In addition, the Grand Charity operates a deposit facility in which individual Lodges, Royal Arch Chapters, and other approved bodies, may hold their charity funds.  This facility is called the Grand Charity Relief Chest Scheme.   Individual donors (who need not be Freemasons) may make regular donations into Scheme accounts which are eligible for income tax and capital gains tax reclaim (currently 28%).  Donations made from these Relief Chest accounts are also included in the figures recorded for previous years.

For information on the Grand Charity and details of the Relief Chest Scheme, please contact the Grand Charity direct:-

The Grand Charity
60 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ
Tel:  020 7395 9293
Fax:  020 7395 9295


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