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Keith Benzie | |
I bring fraternal greetings from the W.M.officers and brethren of our lodge,congratulations to your web master for maintaining this excellent and informative web site.
If any of your members are interested, please feel free to visit my site at http://mysite.freeserve.com/masonic_crafts
Wednesday 19-March-2003 23:41:46 - Carliol no 5419 in the province of Northumderland

Leighton Lloyd |
An excellent website that is also very informative for people who are curious with regards to our great fraternity.Keep up the good work.
S and F
Beaufort 3834
Wednesday 10-April-2002 19:24:10 - Beaufort 3834

Nick Bergquist | |
What a nice website... congratulations!
I look forward to more useful and informative Lodge and Chapter sites like yours appearing. I have added your URL and e-mail details to the searchable Lodge/Chapter database on the London Management site.
Nick Bergquist
Web developer - London Management
Tel. +44 (0)20 7539 2934
Wednesday 10-April-2002 14:47:14 - London Management, UGLE

Nahum Leafsheets |
Your site is quite a(jolly) sight. Full with info and well organized, too. Having just surfed in I'm duly impressed. Do get on with the good work.
N.B. You may use a slight change towards moderation of the colour composition.
Wednesday 10-April-2002 09:30:58 - AVIV Lodge # 10, GL otSo Israel.

  Bro. Nahum ... Thanks for your appreciation. The colours on welcome page have on the whole actually (in private e-mails) been liked more than disliked: they help segment the different subjects.

Bill M | |
Warm and fraternal greetings from Lodge Brimmond 1535 in Aberdeen. The use of the Internet as a medium for getting information across to Lodge members, visitors and curious non-Masons can only help us go from strength to strength. Your site is well laid out and easily navigable - congratulations on a fine job.
Wednesday 10-April-2002 03:50:22 - Lodge Brimmond 1535, Grand Lodge of Scotland

Keith Ingram |
Fraternal greetings from Cardiff South Wales ( that's old South Wales not the one in Australia) Nice to see more examples of openess in freemasonry. We've hidden our lights under bushels for too long.
Wednesday 10-April-2002 00:22:37 - Enterprise No. 8757, UGLE

Nick Emerton-Court | |
The graphics and menus are pleasing to the eye. Good content which I am sure will go from good to better and . . .
Fraternal Greetings from the Eternal City.
Tuesday 9-April-2002 18:05:45 - Keats & Shelley Lodge n 1 - Regular Grand Lodge of Italy

Derek Cuthbert |
Congratulations on a good site, isn't it wonderful to be able to share the information about Lodges outside our home area.
Tuesday 9-April-2002 14:01:53 - Westoe Lodge 4750 Province of Durham UGLE

Guy Hayton |
Nice, informative and well constructed site.
Tuesday 9-April-2002 13:22:18 - Harmony No.580, UGLE

Erik J. Meyer | |
Very nice site you have here Brethren. The color contrast comes thru well also.
Tuesday 9-April-2002 09:26:12 - Constellation Lodge AF&AM, Massachusettes

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