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Dave Watkins |
Good site. We are looking at 'borrowing' site ideas (and passing to the comittee) and they do say imitation is a form of compliment. I only hope what they say about comitteees is wrong!
Tuesday 23-April-2002 01:40:44 - John Pyel 5195 GLE

Norman Alexander |
A very impressive site - I am quite jealous because I cannot persuade my Lodge to dip its toe into the technological water - at least not yet.... but I will keep on trying. Your site is a prime example of the way forward. Congratulations.
Tuesday 10-February-2004 21:03:54 - Excelsior 4641 UGLE

H.Steven Cardenas
I enjoyed your web site, congratulations on moving forward in this time of technology. It's nice to see Lodges embrace the internet to share our message of brotherhood
Monday 13-October-2003 13:41:29 - Perfect Union Lodge #10 , San Antonio ,Texas

Bill Hosler | |
Fraternal greetings from Three Rivers Lodge #733 Fort Wayne,MW Grand lodge of Indiana F&AM USA!
What a great website! Very complete! Your webmaster should be proud!
Monday 13-October-2003 04:29:39 - Three rivers lodge #733 , MW Grand lodge of Indiana F&AM

David J. Hamilton |
I attended St.Olave's late 60's early 70's. I have lived in the USA for past 25 years. I had no idea that the lodge existed until I stumbled across your great site today!I have asked for more information and I'll look in often.
Saturday 6-September-2003 06:00:02

W.Bro.Graham Swift , Prov.G.Stwd. |
Congratulations on a most interesting and informative web-site . I particularly like the associated links via your visitors , proving Masonry truly universal. I send fraternal greetings to all the Brethren of your Lodge .
Sunday 29-June-2003 16:16:23 - Sheltonia 8557 , Seagrim 8161 , Foster Gough 2706 , UGLE

Leif Hansen |
Nice to see other lodge on the web.
Sunday 15-June-2003 09:42:57 - Vermillion Lodge # 68, Grand Lodge of Manitoba, Canada

Stewart Dunbar |
Sincere and fraternal greetings from Kings Cross. Nice, tidy site.
Monday 2-June-2003 21:12:35 - Kings Cross No 1732 UGLE

Jose Roberto Rasi - PM | |
Fraternal Greetings from the WM, W. Bretheren and bretheren of the Sol e Liberdade Lodge No 2897 - Grand Orient of Brazil.
Sunday 4-May-2003 23:37:16 - Sol e Liberdade 2897 - Grand Orient of Brazil

Bro Kevin Swain | |
Fraternal greetings From Belmont and Albion 45 Auckland New Zealand. Great Website I will be bookmarking and coming back again for a look in a couple of months.
Sunday 20-April-2003 13:44:06 - Belmont and Albion 45 New Zealand

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