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Don Barker | |
Interesting web site can we have some more info.
Saturday 28-December-2002 21:51:51 - Blacksmiths Lodge Number 7175 London meetng at Bakers Hall

Hi! I went to St Olave's and am now in the process of becoming an academic. Do you have many young members? I guess I've always seen like the lodge and the OO's as something you do when you get older, to make new friends and revive old acquaintances - is this right?
Best wishes.
Thursday 7-November-2002 08:47:48

  Hi Andrew, yes we do have some younger members in their 20's and 30's. Both the Society and the Lodge revive old acquaintences. We're off back to the School tomorrow morning (8:30) for the annual Remembrance Service to which all Old Olavians are invited.

Roald Atle Furre (RAF) | |
Your Great Web is included in the
A Must 4 Masons WorldWide
You may include it on your web
Wednesday 6-November-2002 00:12:20 - http://www.frimurer.no/engelsk.htm

R.'.W.'.Michael P. Higgins | |
Greetings from New York City. Best wishes for the success of your new website and all your endeavors in the coming years.
Friday 18-October-2002 07:48:14 - Harry S Truman Lodge #1066, Grand Lodge of New York

Duncan M Fisken, PM 765 (IC), Hon PGStwd (IC), Hon PGCH (IC) | |
Great web site!
Wednesday 16-October-2002 13:12:44 - Lodge St Patrick No 765 IC - Singapore

Hans Bargholz |
Fraternal greetings from Johannesburg. I always wondered where 'Old Olavians' was derived from. Now that I need to know who St Olave was?
Friday 11-October-2002 14:49:05 - The Union Lodge No 7081 UGLE

WB Robert Stimpson | |
Warmest fraternal greetings from the officers and brethren of Madison Lodge 87, Madison,Connecticut United States. Terrific site, congratulations to all of you. Best wishes for continued success!
Monday 7-October-2002 08:07:32 - Madison Lodge 87, GL of Connecticut

Herbert W. Hey, P.M., P.H.P. P.I.M. Etc. | |
Great Web page. 'Old boys' can always be relied upon to do a good job.
Keep busy.
Saturday 21-September-2002 07:26:45 - Mount Moriah - Quitman Lodge No. 59, F. & A. M.

Steve Palfreyman |
Superb site - well laid out, very informative.
Tuesday 13-August-2002 13:58:19 - Chantrey Lodge No 2355 UGLE

John Swindell PAGDC (Craft) PGStB (Royal Arch) |
Fraternal greetings! Congratulations on a great initiative - I shall visit again. As a OO member (1941-1946) greetings too to other OOs
Tuesday 13-August-2002 02:03:01 - Crofton Oak 6097, Province of West Kent, UGL

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