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W. Bro. J. Douglas Welsh, OGR | |
Very nice site, indeed. More 'graduates' of the educational systems should keep involved in it. It would help prevent the deterioration that is all around us.
Monday 17-March-2003 00:29:27 - The Royal Standard Lodge, # 398 UGLE

W Bro William G Jenkin PPJGW | |
Congratulations on your website very intresting. May I send Greetings to your Master,Wardens and Brethren, From The Master Wardens and Brethren of The Cornishman 9350 in The Province of CORNWALL the Toe of The United Kingdom.
I feel this is the way to get to know our Brethren World Wide.
Come and have a real Cornish welcome, Visit the CORNISHMAN.
Saturday 22-February-2003 03:16:49 - THE CORNISHMAN 9350 UGLE

W. Bro. Phil Baker |
Fraternal greetings from another 'old boys' Lodge and hearty congratulations on an excellent and very informative website. Just one small point: nowhere do I see any reference to the Federation of School Lodges - is your Lodge a member????
Friday 21-February-2003 23:36:59 - John Roan School Lodge No. 5085 (Province of West Kent) UGLE

  We are indeed a member of the Federation of Schools Lodges, and three representatives attended their AGM last year. Now you've given me yet another page to add to the site :-)

WBro David Alexander PPJGD (East Kent) |
Firstly, fraternal greetings to the members of 5758 and many congratulations on a superbly put together website. As a founder member of my UK Lodge, I (perhaps foolishly) agreed to try to put together a website for our (School)Lodge. Thanks for some inspiration and ideas
best wishes to you all
Friday 24-January-2003 15:59:35 - White Rose Lodge No 9308 EC

Andrew Manasseh |
A fine web site... much needed by other Lodges too.
Friday 17-January-2003 19:40:44 - Lodge of Friendship 206, St Andrew's Lodge 1046, UGLE

Bro Robert M Jaggs-Fowler |
As an Old Olavian (1971-1978)and the Senior Warden of St Matthew Lodge No 1447 in the Province of Lincolnshire, I bring you warm and fraternal greetings. If anyone is venturing to Barton upon Humber, North Lincolnshire, I shall be pleased to invite them to a Lodge or Chapter meeting, or alternatively just to give them a guided tour of our very old Temple. I will leave details with the Secretary.
Sunday 12-January-2003 13:48:56 - St Matthew Lodge No 1447

Bro Huxley | |
Love the site. This does help people to find out where, how and what they could get involved with. If only there were more sites and more publicised about these sites.
Originally I am from England now in Canada hence the two GL's
Please pass on my fraternal greetings and best wishes to all.
Saturday 11-January-2003 07:09:52 - Duchess of York 2482, UGLE / Lebanon #28 GL New Brunswick.

Scotty Fitzgerald | |
Great Web Site!
Thursday 2-January-2003 16:18:00 - Yorktown Lodge #1154, GLoNY USA

Graeme Nicholson, P.G.I.W. |
A most interesting site, congratulations.
Sunday 29-December-2002 15:07:37 - Gisborne Lodge No. 298. U.G.L.of Victoria, Australia

R. E. Parsons
Fraternal greetings. Interesting site.
Sunday 29-December-2002 02:55:40 - Solon 757 F.&A.M. Grand Lodge of Ohio

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