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Gordon Barker | |
WM & Brethren of Old Olavians' Lodge,

I am indeed excited to make contact with you and hope all is well? Our Lodge has just launched a new website and welcomes visitors we would be pleased to hear from you. And propose a toast to our visitors on our website.
I wish you well

Exsequi Lodge No.: 8994
Saturday 9-January-2016 18:44:14 - Exsequi UGLE

Thomas Butts Worshipful Master |
We had the pleasure to have R W B Richard White as a guest and he gave a talk about your lodge and customs in your lodge, very interesting .
Thursday 5-March-2015 01:50:43 - East Gate Lodge # 630 Kansas City Missouri

Frank Weeks | |
Greetings from New Zealand. My father Harry was a founder member of your lodge and was to have been installed in the Masters Chair the night he died.
My grandfather, also Harry, owned the public house The Magdala in Lordship Lane, London for many years and I still have a watch-chain square masonic cross that
he handed down.
Tuesday 1-June-2010 15:51:58 - Omarunui 216. Lodge Wharerangi. Grand Lodge of New Zealand

Paul Ouseley | |
I am currently SW of Pinner Lodge here in Nottingham and have been master of Southern Star Lodge 1025 in Munich, Germany. I am an Old Olavian and (1970-77) and would like to visit the OOs Lodge. I believe your next meeting is in May.
Sunday 25-April-2010 16:37:55 - Pinner 3300, Nottinghamshire

Andrew Warnock | |
I really enjoyed browsing your site very easy to navigate around. Fraternal greeting's from all the brethern at Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223. Please feel free to visit our site and comment in our guestbook. And if you would like to exchange link's please email me your url and crest or logo and i will be happy to exchange
Sunday 31-January-2010 20:17:24 - Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223 Grand Lodge of Scotland

Robert Andrew Parrish | |
Greetings from Edwardsburg, Michigan USA and St. Peters Lodge #106 F. & A.M.
We are from a very small town in s.w. lower Michigan. A population less than 2000. I came across you website through Google, and found it most interesting.

I hope this message finds all of you Brothers in best of health.

Robert A. Parrish
St. Peters Lodge #106
R.A.M. Chapter #2
Knights Templer Commandery #12
Wednesday 28-November-2007 00:58:28 - St. Peters Lodge #106 Grand Lodge of Michigan

Henry Engelsman | |
Greetings to my Old School Lodge! After twenty years a Grand Officer in the Craft and other masonic Orders I still hope to get around to making a visit, though I doubt that I would know any others in the Lodge unless they are 'wrinklies' like myself.
Friday 26-January-2007 00:24:33 - Lodge of Good Intention 7087 . G.L. of E.

Roger Ferrar |
I was at St Olaves in the 1950's, but had no idea you had your own lodge. May possibly visit one day when I am in London.
Wednesday 19-July-2006 00:37:04 - Lyn (Devonshire.)

Thursday 23-February-2006 19:30:12 - LODGE SANCHI#487 GRAND LODGE OF INDIA

Tod L. Jamison | |
I enjoyed your site very much, I invite you to visit my blog.
Friday 20-January-2006 05:25:46 - USA

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